Grammes per tonne (equivalent to parts per million, ppm).

Rate of change in the value of an option in response to a change in delta of that option.

Gamma Neutral Portfolio
A portfolio with a gamma of zero.


A model for forecasting volatility where the variance follows a mean reverting process.

Gas Oil
Refined petroleum product product used primarily for diesel fuel and in small boiler installations. Name derived from original uses in the coal-gas industry.

A light, refined petroleum product product used for spark-ignited internal combustion engines either in cars or aircraft. Also known as motor/aviation spirit. In refineries gasoline is produced by blending a number of refinery stream such as reformate, FCC naphtha, straight run naphtha, isomerate, butane etc.

Use of debt to increase the expected return on equity. Gearing is calculated by dividing an organisations debt by its (debt plus equity).

Hedge parameters such as delta, gamma, vega, theta and rho.

Gold Equivalent
The conversion of non-gold ounces of economically valuable minerals to a gold equivalent by taking account of the commodity price and the gold price

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